Fundamentals of Algorithms

The SIAM series on Fundamentals of Algorithms is a collection of short user-oriented books on state-of-the-art numerical methods. Written by experts, the books provide readers with sufficient knowledge to choose an appropriate method for an application and to understand the method’s strengths and limitations. The books cover a range of topics drawn from numerical analysis and scientific computing. The intended audiences are researchers and practitioners using the methods and upper level undergraduates in mathematics, engineering, and computational science.

Books in this series not only provide the mathematical background for a method or class of methods used in solving a specific problem but also explain how the method can be developed into an algorithm and translated into software. The books describe the range of applicability of a method and give guidance on troubleshooting solvers and interpreting results. The theory is presented at a level accessible to the practitioner. MATLAB® software is the preferred language for codes presented since it can be used across a wide variety of platforms and is an excellent environment for prototyping, testing, and problem solving.

The series is intended to provide guides to numerical algorithms that are readily accessible, contain practical advice not easily found elsewhere, and include understandable codes that implement the algorithms.

Nicholas J. Higham
University of Manchester

Acquisitions Editor
Elizabeth Greenspan

Editorial Board

Raymond Chan
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jennifer Pestana
University of Strathclyde
Ilse Ipsen
North Carolina State University
Alex Pothen
Purdue University
Felix Kwok
Université Laval
Sivan Toledo
Tel Aviv University
Sven Leyffer
Argonne National Laboratory
Alex Townsend
Cornell University
Randall J. LeVeque
University of Washington
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