Classics in Applied Mathematics

Books in the Classics in Applied Mathematics series are monographs and textbooks declared out of print by their original publishers, though they are of continued importance and interest to the mathematical community. SIAM publishes this series to ensure that the information presented in these texts is not lost to today’s students and researchers.

Susanne Brenner
Louisiana State University

Acquisitions Editor
Paula Callaghan

Editorial Board

Irene Fonseca
Carnegie Mellon University


Amnon J. Meir

Southern Methodist University

Vivette Girault

Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL)

Peter Olver
Columbia University

William Hager

University of Florida

Alex Pothen

Purdue University

Sven Hammarling

University of Manchester

Philip Protter
University of Minnesota

Nicholas J. Higham
University of Manchester

Frederic Wan
University of California, Irvine

Angela Kunoth

University of Cologne






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